About IQPlus

We are an innovative company on the healthcare market

Our strengths lie in management consulting and placement of professionals and executive managers in the field of medicine, nursing and management (qualified nurses for hospitals and care facilities, doctors, business managers and more).
Our corporate identity is based on the European ideal.
We connect companies and humans from Europe for mutual benefit.
With us qualified employees from all Europe are offered the opportunity to build a successful professional future in a new environment.

In the management field we are specialised on solution oriented approaches to complex problems and are also willing to take over temporary projects.

In the personnel area we offer

  • long term experience in recruitment, selection and development of personnel
  • individual support and consulting
  • flexibility, creativity and innovation
  • services which suit your needs
  • structured concepts for migration

Using our consulting and management skills we focus on assisting companies on the healthcare market to find their suitable employees. Moreover, we engage in the professional development of the employees. Regardless if we improve the success of your executive managers by coaching or leadership training, or if we assist you in terms of our migration management service – you will always be strongly and profoundly supported by us.
Our goal is your continuing success.

In the managing area we offer

The healthcare market changes continuously. The increasing dynamics in competition demand all resources of companies. Therefore, projects are launched, quality management systems are implemented and interdisciplinary working teams are created. However, 50% of those projects are inefficient and therefore cancelled. 70% do not meet their cost and/or quality goals. And 80% of all projects are only completed behind schedule.
The reasons are complex but not unsolvable. Rules and clear definitions of goals often help.
Our strengths in management lie not only in our technical but also in our methodical and social abilities. Team building, team dynamics, project management and controlling are a natural part of our portfolio.
Complex issues often don’t require complicated solutions.
Talk to us – because together we can find the right approach.

Who we are?
20 years of experience and knowledge in healthcare

Mr. Florian Friedrich
…is geriatric care specialist and has worked in healthcare for 13 years. He first began as a trained healthcare worker in geriatrics and has successfully contributed to Human Resources as an international recruiter for over 6 years now. In the last 3 years he specialised in the field of integration and onboarding of international care staff.

Mr. Robert Leisner (Dipl.-Wirtsch. Ing.)
…is a Master of Business and Engineering and has functioned in database projects and IT restructuring processes in healthcare for 23 years. For several years he has specialised in strategic development of corporate forms.

We are enthusiastic about the tasks you give us.

We don’t offer ready-made schemes but develop individual demand-actuated solutions for you.
We work hard for and with our clients to achieve long lasting profound success.

We go by „prudens vir semper tiro” (A wise man is always leaning.).

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